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The Services I offer


Branding is very important in describing your mission and identifying your product. I have developed logos and marketing tools to assist communicating your message.


Whether it is creating websites, or implementing different algorithms - using modern day technology to help develop new ideas has always been a passion of mine.


I have always been interested in design. Whether it was helping family or friends design logos for their company or putting together a layout for a website. Design is much more than a hobby to me.


Even as a hobby I've always enjoyed photography. Click on the camera icon to see some of the photos taken for a recent employer.

Hello, I am Chase Roossin...

I am a declared Computer Science major and current lead Software Engineer on SpaceX's Hyperloop pod competition for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am always looking for a new task to tackle and love to challenge myself.
Creating is not just a job for me, it's a passion.

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Some Languages I use

JAVA 30% Complete (success)
HTML/CSS/JavaScript 30% Complete (warning)
SWIFT 10% Complete (danger)
C 10% Complete (info)

Some work I have done

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Chase Roossin
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